Netflix’s Australian show Instant Hotel grips Americans with its unique plot and entertaining contestants

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Airbnb is one of the most popular ways to spend a vacation in a faraway place. The hospitable energy, exotic locations, and privacy continue to entice travelers since the year 2008. What you don’t always see from the outside, though, are the countless hours homeowners spend in order to make sure that their vacation getaway is perfect for each and every guest.

Originally released in 2017, Instant Hotel aired on Australian channel seven with host Luke Jacobz, also known for his appearance on X Factor Australia. Recently, in late 2018, the show was introduced to Americans via Netflix, and that’s when the craze began.

Immediately, American viewers were drawn in by the allure of an “inside look” into Airbnbs that they had never been able to see before. Set up like a competition, the show features five “couples” who possess varying tastes, styles, backgrounds, and locations. This, along with many other enticing qualities, is what makes the show so hard to stop watching. Gay couples, newlyweds, high school sweethearts, young parents, and even a mother and daughter pair are featured on the show, making it even more relatable to a variety of everyday viewers.

Instant Hotel delves into the intricate themes of the houses, the background of the decor, and even the history behind it all.”

The premise of the show is to expose the “never seen before” aspect of Airbnb. Instant Hotel delves into the intricate themes of the houses, the background of the decor, and even the history behind it all. The five couples visit each other’s homes and stay for 24 hours. Then, after they have had an adequate chance to experience the place, they rate the “instant hotels” based on location and attractions, comfort, decor, and bang-for-their-buck.

The hotels are then judged by a professional, Juliet Ashworth, who gives the place her own rating. In the end, the couple whose house receives the highest score wins a trip to California. This aspect of the competition creates subtle, yet defined, tension between the couples and makes the show seem more cutthroat than if it were to only showcase the hotels by themselves.

Throughout the show, rivalries, as well as cliques, are formed, making for a plot that has just enough drama to be entertaining but remains calm enough to prevent viewers from getting too worked up. This, overall, can characterize the show as “easy-going,” making it good for background noise or something to dull the harsh silence of an empty house.

Netflix actually places Instant Hotel under the “Feel Good” category of their titles, and that’s exactly what the show is. The plot is easy to follow, yet remains interesting at the same time. The participants are unique and maintain their own sense of self, all while showcasing beautiful homes in gorgeous Australia.

After the initial uproar following the show’s release in 2017, producers made a promise to come back bigger and better than ever with their second season. However, fans were left disappointed when the show seemed to disappear for a year or two. Recently, though, the public became aware that season two is scheduled to be released in Australia during the early months of 2019. Although the release date may remain unclear, it does nothing to diminish the excitement felt by watchers who can’t wait for another season.

Changes are to be expected in this next season, though. Former host Luke Jacobz is being replaced with a Brit by the name of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, who has appeared in several other British television shows such as Loose Women, House Rules, and Countdown. Hopefully, this new host will only add more flair to the show and will not diminish the wonderful reputation that it has built up over its time on the air. Australians will be the first to know and judge this when they get their hands on the latest and greatest season.

Americans, on the other hand, will be forced to wait until the entire season has aired in Australia before the second season is available on Netflix. Until then, Americans hold their breath in anticipation for this uniquely entertaining show to bless their eyes once more.

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