Disney Channel’s new movie Kim Possible is impossible to watch


Every day after school in second grade I would run home to watch the characters I loved go through dangerous and risky situations then prevail even when the odds were against them.

Kim Possible was one of these amazing shows I would watch on end. I always wanted to be a secret agent like Kim, and I even had a Kim Possible-themed birthday party. She was the strong girl-next-door I needed then, and hearing the show was going to turn into a live action movie made me giddy at the idea.

But then reality struck; there was no way this movie was going to live up to the standards I’d set.

The early 2000s and late 90s were a turning point for mainstream television, especially in Disney’s case. They changed the entire game. Ducktales was the first show to start this trend, then Kim Possible and many other animated shows came along to join this golden age for Disney Channel.

Then they made a bold decision to have some child actors portray characters in their coming-of-age shows, which was fine at first. However, eventually it turned into a big pile of hot garbage with recurring themes and bad influences; it was nothing original.

Disney’s viewers dwindled away and in an attempt to attract the attention of viewers, they started to produce live-action movies of our old favorite shows. Blinded by nostalgia, we followed behind closely. With that, we were given Kim Possible in live action.

Both of our main characters, Kim and Ron Stoppable, venture into the wondrous world of high school. It goes absolutely terrible for both of them, but they meet someone who’s had a lot worse day than them. Athena is the new girl at the school, but her day was awful, and they find her hidden in the corner crying to her mother. Kim and Ron cheer her up and become good friends before deciding to invite Athena on a mission.

We then find out that Athena is incredibly good at fighting, and she defeats the Shego, which makes Kim a little jealous. Back at school, a video leaks of Athena’s win and everybody starts talking about how she’s the best agent now. Kim feels distraught about the treatment she’s getting and throws a fit. She tries to show everyone she is just as good as Athena and ends up embarrassing herself. The movie goes on from there exploring the conflict of Kim’s jealousy.

In the original show, Kim Possible kept the secret of her being an agent. It made stakes higher and made everything more exciting. In this version, everybody knows, which raises more interesting questions than the plotline we already have such as why hasn’t she just been kidnapped by now? Wouldn’t this make her more prone to being killed? Did she just tell everybody her secret? Why in the world would she do that?

The lack of main characters from the original show being used in the new movie is shocking. You have Wade, an essential person from whom Kim gets her information; that’s not in the movie. You also have her family; her little brothers could just be background characters because they have such little involvement in this film, but they’re not included either.

The only real positive thing I can say about this is Sean Giambrone’s performance as Ron. If I pictured Ron as an actual human being I’d picture him. His goofy nature blended perfectly with Sean.

I don’t enjoy Disney Channel’s content anymore, and I’m sure there are others who agree with me. For Disney to improve, they need to make well written, original stories. Reusing the same hand-me-down plot lines and themes won’t cut it anymore because nobody wants to watch the same thing over and over.

I hope to see a new golden age for Disney Channel in the future, something for the next generation’s kids to look back at just like I do.