Boys varsity golf improves at the Southern Swing Tournament


Boys varsity golf went down to Ohio for a weekend getaway to play in the Southern Swing Tournament this weekend. Although the boys didn’t win, this weekend was essential to shaping the chemistry of the team.

The Rangers drove down Thursday night to prepare themselves for the rounds ahead. The next morning, the team ran through 18 holes, with junior captain Isaiah Huemphner leading with a score of 78. He has been amazing thus far in the season and will continue to be a key attribute in the success of the team. Behind him was freshman Joe Murdock and senior Justin Turner, who shot scores of 81 and 82, respectively. Back in the pack was sophomore Cam David and junior John Corey who both had scores of 92.

The next day was more of the same, as Isaiah led again with 79. This was a tough course against some top-tier teams, but the Rangers kept close behind. Behind him was Justin with an 83 and Joe with an 87. Overall, Saturday was another great day of golf that added to the experience for the Rangers. As the season goes on, each and every player will improve their personal scores. The most important part of this trip, however, was that Friday night. The guys were all in the same room that night just becoming closer and improving their chemistry with each other.

“We played much better this weekend than we did on Wednesday,” said head coach Paul Ten Eyck. “This was a great trip, and we became much stronger as a team because of it.”

The Rangers did not finish in first place, but they left far before the final scores were released. Although the team didn’t win the tournament, it won the weekend; this weekend was all about becoming closer as a team and that is exactly what the Rangers did.

Next up for the Rangers is another tournament on Monday, April 15 at Egypt Valley hosted by Forest Hills Eastern.