Player Profile: Alec Gast


Name: Alec Gast

Grade: 10

Sport: JV Baseball

Position: Outfield/Pitcher

What’s your favorite part about playing baseball?

“I love baseball, but the thing I enjoy the most is being able to play with all of my friends.”

What’s your favorite memory you’ve made playing baseball?

“It was definitely last year when I threw a no-hitter against Cedar Springs. I felt really good pitching-wise during that game, and I just tried not to think about it. When I was finally able to get that final out, I was so excited but relieved as well.”

How important was it for the team to win its first game of the season?

“I think it was super important. It gives us some good momentum going into conference play and a ton of confidence as well because we were able to beat a good team by 11 runs.”

What is the most important thing to do to have a great season?

“To achieve a great season, I think we need to have great relationships with our teammates, which we do.”

What do you like the most about Coach Murray?

“I think that he has a positive outlook towards what we’re trying to achieve. He cares about our team a lot and knows a lot about baseball. He’s just a really great coach overall.”