Player Profile: Jordyn Carlson


Name: Jordyn Carlson

Grade: 11

Sport: Varsity Softball

Position: Catcher/Outfield

Why do you play softball?

“I play softball because I found a love for it when I was about eight years old, and it came naturally to me when I first started. I almost quit this year because life gets in the way sometimes, but I eventually tried out and made the team. I’m glad I decided to play.”

Who has been the biggest motivation in your softball career?

“I have a few actually. My mom and my younger sisters are really inspirational to me because I admire how hard they work in their sports and how hard my mom pushes me to do my best. I’m also really inspired by Lisa and Mya Udell. Mrs. Udell has been my coach since seventh-grade volleyball, and she and Mya were my JV coaches for two years. Not only have they inspired me to work and play hard in my softball career, but I look up to them in their Christianity as well. They’ve been great role models for me in my career. ”

What is your favorite thing about Coach Jasmine Watson?

“I like that she brings new ideas to the team and always looks three plays ahead of the game and teaches us to do the same. This is her second season with FHC, and she took hold of the ropes well.”

Who is a senior that you look up to?

“I really look up to Jackie McLaughlin, she and I have always had a good relationship. Jackie always has a positive attitude and quiet humor that the rest of the team loves. Jackie and I go all the way back to basketball when I was in sixth grade and she was in seventh. I’ve always known her to be a positive player and hardworking teammate as well.”

What does your team’s ‘all in’ motto mean to you?

“To me, ‘all in’ means that you leave everything out on the field. It means that you give 110% in every second of every game and shake off the mistakes and move on from them. You give it your best shot, and that is everything you have.”