Ada Market is the perfect addition to downtown Ada’s atmosphere


Growing up in the Ada and Cascade area, I would often take walks into downtown Ada with my family. Whether we were getting ice cream, shopping at the farmer’s market, or just observing the scenery, walking into Ada was a crucial part of my childhood.

And as a young but observant child, I remember frequently commenting that Ada needed a grocery store. To me, the small town was a quaint paradise that seemed to have everything you could need, except a grocery store.

When I found out that Ada was receiving a makeover, I felt a bit taken aback as I watched an important part of my childhood change so much. But I was nonetheless eager to discover that a grocery store was being added to the town.

Kingma’s Market opened in September of 2017. It carried more specialty items than regular grocery store items, and everything was somewhat overpriced. It was novel at first, but I quickly lost interest in it. However, I was still surprised when I discovered it was closing. In its place, the Ada Fresh Market would be opening on April 14 of 2019.

I visited the store just a few days after its opening. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the Starbucks, a welcome addition to the previously Starbucks-free town. To the side of the Starbucks was a small seating area that added a cozy aspect to the modern vibe.

The second thing I noticed, however, was that Ada Market didn’t look much different from Kingma’s. From the layout to the atmosphere, the stores were almost exactly the same. There were produce and checkout counters in the front of the store, freezer and refrigerated section along the left wall, narrow aisles in the middle, and deli and meat counters along the back and right walls of the store.

However, upon further inspection, I realized there was one big difference. While Kingma’s had offered more uncommon variations of a lot of products, Ada Market carried very typical items, a fact that came as a relief to me.

As I shopped around for dinner, I was pleased to note that the store carried everything I was looking for, and I found every product with ease. However, Ada Market didn’t feel like your typical grocery store. The atmosphere was more modern, with high ceilings, wood beams, and lots of windows. Yet it carried all the regular items I’d been hoping to find.

Scattered around the store were a variety of self-serve kiosks. I saw intriguing ice cream variations, bakery stations, and samples being offered. As I wandered the aisles, I saw multiple staff members, who politely asked me how I was doing and if I needed any help.

I ended up selecting my dinner from the Boar’s Head deli, which offered several appetizing options. I tried broccoli salad and a baked potato. I also picked out a cupcake from a self-serve bakery kiosk. The food looked amazing, and when I finally got to eat it, it satisfied my taste buds.

However, in keeping with the rest of the store, there was nothing particularly spectacular about it. I realized that was exactly why I enjoyed the store so much, and why it’s perfect for Ada.

Ada Market wasn’t meant to be a unique novelty. It was just a regular grocery store with a slightly different atmosphere, a mark that Kingma’s missed. It wasn’t fancy, and it didn’t need to be.

Ada Market fits in perfectly with Ada’s growing collection of businesses and shops. I can say with certainty that I will be returning soon.