Player Profile: Kara Bolger


Name: Kara Bolger

Grade: 12

Sport: Water Polo

What is the best part of water polo?

“The best part about water polo this year is the team. I love getting to know everyone better and getting to hang out all the time in and out of the pool.”

How is the team chemistry this year?

“The team chemistry this year is actually really good. We are all working really well together and are improving each day as a team.”

What is your pregame routine?

“Before every game, I like to make sure I am as warmed up as possible, and I usually do extra swimming until I feel ready and able to compete in the game ahead.”

Do you have any superstitions before games?

“My friends and I have this really small plastic doll that we pass around before every game, and we all have to touch it for good luck.”

What has been your favorite moment of the season so far?

“So far this season my favorite moment was winning our first game. It was against Grand Haven and at a tournament, and it was really fun to see how our hard work and working together had paid off.”