To The Melting Pot of Grand Rapids


Payton Field , Staff Writer

Before I begin, I would just like to say that until this past Saturday, I had never eaten fondue. Throughout the days leading up to my night at this acclaimed restaurant, I heard nothing but good things about how delectable and divine the food would be.

When walking into the restaurant, I was expecting excellency and an exquisite meal, full of flavorful meat, cheese, and mouthwatering chocolate. But after a 15-minute wait, I was slightly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong – the food was definitely tasty, but personally, I don’t think it met the high standards it was set up to be.

Right when I walked in, the first thing I noticed was the long line of people waiting to be seated. The service seemed to be slow and there weren’t enough tables to accomodate the innumerable amount of people. The atmosphere was friendly and the dimmed lights gave the restaurant an elegant and lavish appeal.

After walking through the revolving door, I swiftly went to the server, eager to be seated and taste my vociferous and necterious meal. But much to my dismay, I ended up having to wait 15 minutes, although I had a reservation, in order to reach my table. Once seated, the aroma of aperitive cheese and meat wafted to my table and I began to feel impatient for my meal. Instantly, a waiter arrived at our table and brought us a bowl of melted cheddar cheese and an assortment of breads. Cautiously, I dipped my bread into the steaming bowl of cheese and quickly ate it. The cheese was chunky and thick, while the bread was crunchy and firm. Although the rest of my group seemed to enjoy the plate, I did not find it very appealing. It was definitely not one of the highlights of the meal.

Next, our waiter brought out plates full of raw and uncooked meat. I carefully began to broil and cook the pieces of meat in the steaming bowl of water. I was told to cook the meat for 3 minutes at maximum and the fish for 2 minutes. After I was sure that it was fully cooked, I took my first bite. The steak and chicken tasted fine; it was nothing out of the ordinary. The shrimp was a little bland and lacked seasoning and flavor. But, I do have to say, the spinach tortellini was surprisingly tasty. It melted in my mouth and was the best part of the main course.

To be completely honest, the best overall part of the meal was the dessert. I ordered the peanut butter chocolate and the s’more meal, and it was one of the best things I have ever tasted. The melted chocolate was mouthwatering, while the pound cake I dipped with was cooked to perfection. By the end of the night, my group had ordered two helpings of each bowl and I had chocolate all over the table and myself.

So after a filling and (mostly) appetizing meal, I have come to a conclusion. Although the Melting Pot may have a high reputation, it is not as amazing as everyone says it is. If you are looking for a full meal, I don’t recommend this restaurant; but if you are looking for a scrumptious meal of dessert, I would consider the Melting Pot.