Player Profile: Koyuki Buckhold


Name: Koyuki Buckhold

Grade: 10

Sport: Girls JV tennis

Fun Facts about Koyuki:

Favorite Book: My Sister’s Keeper

Favorite Movie: Crazy Rich Asians

How long have you been playing tennis?

“I started playing when I was about 7 when I moved to Malaysia, and I started taking private lessons with a coach who worked across the street at the tennis courts in the condo complex we lived in.”

Why did you start playing tennis?

“When we moved to Malaysia, my mom started playing with a group of Japanese people and about halfway through, there was an opening in the coaches schedule, and she was able to get me in.”

What is your pregame ritual?

“Nothing really, but we do alwaysb eat Blimpie’s before.”

How is the team chemistry this year?

“Last year we only had 12 people, so we had exactly 6 doubles and that’s what we needed for most tournaments. Everyone got to go to the tournaments and we all got to know each other pretty well. We have 18 people on the team this year, so I think the people who were on the team last year are close, and I think the people who weren’t on the team are just friends among themselves. We have some working to do but I don’t think it’ll be hard.”