Player Profile: Molly Donovan


Name: Molly Donovan

Grade: 12

Sport: Varsity Softball

Why do you play softball?

“I play softball because it’s the perfect mix of an individual and team sport. You have to hit the ball and make the plays on your own, but without your teammates, you wouldn’t be able to play the game. I love the special bond I have with my teammates, and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my life playing a different sport. “

Who has been the biggest inspiration in your softball career?

“My biggest inspiration is Hannah Gavle, who graduated in 2016. She was a senior on the team my freshman year, and she really took me under her wing. I admire how hard she played the game and how she was able to lead both by example and with her words. She was a great player and leader, and I’ve tried to emulate her as I’ve gotten older.”

What position do you play and why do you like it?

“I play shortstop, and I enjoy it because it gets a lot of action. It’s a very mentally-involved position, and I’m involved in a lot of the plays. The difficulty of the position allows me to test myself every game.”

What do you like best about Coach Jasmine?

“It’s clear that she knows the game inside and out due to her softball experience at a high level. She’s able to make the necessary adjustments in a positive way, which is something the team really appreciates. With her being so young, she can relate to us about off-field issues, and we have a lot of fun with her outside of games and practices. “

What does the “All in” motto mean to you?

“‘All in’ captures how I try to play every game. I try to leave everything on the field, especially for my senior year. If the entire team can embrace the motto and give full effort on every play, we can be successful as a team. With enough hustle, we can outplay opponents even if they have more skill than us. “

Why do you like having nine seniors on the team?

“We all have the same mindset because we’re all in the same spot in our softball careers; we want to go out on a high note for our last season. A lot of us have been playing together since Little League, so it’s really special that we get to end our softball careers together at FHC.”

Do you have any fun facts about you that have to do with softball?

“Senior Tori MacLeod and I have played almost every single season together since second grade when we were on the same YMCA team. From YMCA to Little League to all four years of high school ball, Tori and I have been through it all together.”