Player Profile: Kevin Mcpoland


Name: Kevin Mcpoland

Grade: 9

Sport: Crew


What’s your favorite part about crew?

“My favorite part is being on the water and having to work as a team to win. It’s such a team sport; we all rely on one another out there [on the water] in order to win.

Why did you decide to join Crew?

“I joined crew because I wanted to try something different, and a close friend of mine that used to row told me I’d be really good at it and that I should try it.

What is it that makes crew so difficult?

“A lot of people think that crew is an easy blow off sport, but it’s nothing even close to that. Crew is a very physically demanding sport, and one of the hardest parts is making sure that everyone on the team is working together.”

What has made the team so successful so far this season?

“A lot has gone into our success so far this season. A lot of the team went to the non-mandatory preseason practices, which got us ahead of our competition and helped us be prepared for the season. Another big part of the successful start to the season is our coaches. They are always helping us and trying to put us in positions for us to be successful.”

What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the season?

“We’re all looking forward to winning throughout this season. We’ve had a lot of success so far this season, and with all the hard work that we’ve put in, we expect there to be much more.”