Player Profile: Sofia Debano


Name: Zoe Lipke

Grade: 9

Sport: Girls JV Lacrosse

What is your favorite part about Lacrosse?

“My favorite part about lacrosse is the team and just playing the sport because it’s one of my passions.”

When did you start playing Lacrosse?

“I started playing lacrosse in fifth grade when my Dad got me a lacrosse stick for Christmas. After that, I just kept playing ever since.”

Who is your biggest role model?

“My biggest role model is definitely my dad because he was the one who got me into the sport, and he always supports me with it.”

Do you have a routine that you do before every game?

“Before every single game, my whole team and I get a really good warm-up in, and we listen to music to get pumped up.”

What is your favorite food?

“Pizza is definitely my favorite food.”

What’s a fun fact about you?

“A fun fact about me is that I have a twin sister.”