“We Are Rangers Week” to begin on Monday

We Are Rangers Week to begin on Monday

Kate Kovachevich, Staff Writer

For the past few years, there has been an increased sense of community at Forest Hills Central. Previously, the school has held games in honor of a specific cause, random days of kindness, and adopt-a-family weeks. Although these events have been successful, they have been sanctioned by individual groups, whether that be Student Council, Boost Club, or another group. This next week, Monday April 18th, marks the beginning of the We Are Rangers Week. Each day will showcase a specific aspect of diversity and inclusion presented by the variety of groups and organizations at FHC. FHC counselor Kyle Perkins was a contributor in planning how the week would pan out. When asked what exactly the goal of this week was, Perkins replied with getting “some of the different groups to come together to have a week to focus on issues and things that everyone is involved with, to help each other out.”

Monday: FHC will sponsor a keynote speaker, Tim Cusack. Freshmen and sophomores will attend the lecture during first hour; juniors and seniors will attend during second hour.

Tuesday: The theme is Intentional Acts of Kindness. Boost Club is sponsoring Bingo: placards will be distributed during first hour and students are challenged to fulfill the acts of kindness on the card. Once someone gets bingo, he is able to go to Mrs. Will’s room to obtain a candy prize.

Wednesday: Courtesy of the student council, students will be able to write letters to service members during all three lunches.

Thursday: Sponsored by the counselors of FHC, Thursday will be Mental Health Awareness day. There will be a four videos broadcasted to FHC throughout the day. To wrap up the day,  there will be an activity during sixth hour that parallels the message that Tim Cusack spoke about on Monday.

Friday: A cherished favorite, Friday will be the Global Diversity Fair. Seniors will visit the fair during first hour, sophomores during second, juniors during third, and freshmen during fifth. The fair will be a pastiche of presentations by the students of FHC, some accompanied with traditional dress of a variety of countries, food, as well as music.