Cakabakery is a hidden gem that should not be overlooked


After a stressful seven hours at school, I decided to treat myself to some sweet treats. After driving about twenty minutes, I found myself in front of the cute, simple, and aesthetically pleasing Cakabakery on Fulton Street.

After finding parking in a dirt parking lot next to the cafe, I made my way to the bakery. I was pleasantly surprised to see a well-kept, smiling white building with the words Cakabakery illuminating the window.

As soon as I walked in the cafe, the words “Aww this is so cute!” immediately spilled from my mouth. Not only was the cafe extremely clean inside, but the theme throughout the restaurant seemed to be straight out of a movie with the sweet smell of baked goods drifting. After walking in, my friends and I walked down a few stairs to a small sitting area and counter displayed with a variety of different treats.

At first look, there was a lack of variety of desserts—most were cupcakes—and a lack of being able to order anything else: like a beverage. After ordering three cupcakes, each being three dollars, my friends and I sat down at one of the two tables they had. Although I was a bit disappointed by the lack of selection of desserts to choose from, the taste of the cupcakes made up for it. I had ordered a vanilla cupcake with raspberry buttercream frosting and my friends both ordered a double chocolate cupcake. Both cupcakes were extremely rich with the right amount of sweetness and filling, leaving me completely satisfied. Every time I bit into the cupcake it felt like I was tasting a cupcake for the first time.  Even though I was quite thirsty after the cupcake, the cupcake was worth it.

The staff was also extremely helpful and kind which contributed to the overall good experience. Although my friends and I were the only customers at the time, the worker was ready to answer any question we had with a smile.

Even though Cakabakery had few options, they offer a unique task: customized baking. Although I did not try this option after trying their cupcakes, the next time I need a customized dessert, I know who I will call.

Aside from the limited sitting and lack of variety of desserts, my friends and I decided that we had found a hidden gem. We were able to talk freely and comfortably, the aroma of the cafe was extremely welcoming, and the cafe itself was very picture pleasing. Even though there could be a few adjustments, nothing was too prominent where I wouldn’t return.

After trying hundreds of cupcakes, I can say Cakabakery bakes some of the best cupcakes I have ever had.

I will definitely return.