A Prom Monologue

A Prom Monologue

Jordan George, Editor in Chief

(The speaker is a 16-year old boy who looks like any average high school student, with dark hair and a youthful face. He is wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. He is relaxed and has a half grin on his face).


So… you asking anyone to prom? I’m asking someone, but I can’t come to think of an idea. I saw this one guy last year ask a girl with a truckful of flowers… lame, right? (smirks and chuckles a bit).


I was thinking about maybe stealing all the cars in the parking lot, and lining them up to spell “Prom?”, but I am not sure if she will like it. It has to be SPECIAL man, real special. I could kidnap a teacher or something and say that the ransom is “one date to prom” but this girl is really cool so it needs to be a bit more elaborate than that. I already emailed Trump’s campaign manager about having the Donald ask my girlfriend at a debate, but then I called them back and said that it just wasn’t good enough.


( The grin disappears and a look of actual concern appears).


I actually need a decent idea… time is running out. How about this? I light the school on fire, and with the ashes, I spell out “Prom?”… nah. This needs to be big. I got it, I got it. I saw this one guy steal someone’s motorcycle and get in a police chase, and just when he was about to get caught, he yelled out “PROM???” To this girl and she loved it… but honestly that is not daring enough for me.


(The look of concern is gone and a victorious grin appears).
This is it. I am gonna make a sign that says “I Donut want to go to Prom without you” and then give her donuts and flowers… what, do you think that will be too much?