Star Light, Star Bright

April 19, 2016

Star light, star bright,

First star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have the wish I wish tonight…

As of right now, it is 10:13 p.m. with partly cloudy skies, yet I am still able to count five vivid stars from my vantage point on my back porch.  Sitting here in an old, retro lawn chair, I am reminiscing about a simple poem I used to say as a child every time I saw a star.  And looking back, this poem still holds significant meaning with every wish I have.  So tonight, while sitting under the stars, I have decided to share those desires with you.

My first wish tonight is a hope of wanting all my hard work to pay off.  Being a part of this school system has afforded me many opportunities that others may not have and those opportunities have already helped me advance in life.  In one year, I don’t think I could be more ready to go on my merry way to college and be successful there as well.  Every night, I devote my time to doing a plentiful amount of homework and studying with hopes to be accepted into the college of my choice so I can achieve my academic goals.

Secondly, during my time in college, I would like major in journalism and write for that particular school’s newspaper as well.  I have always had a fondness for journalism yet I didn’t realize it; somewhere around middle school, I would spend time in my room reading articles about fashion and more recently reading topics involving broader subjects such as global news and environmental science.  This leads to my third desire.

After graduating college, I hope to earn a spot on the staff of a well-known magazine such as Vogue or National Geographic. My aspiration in life is to share my love for things with others around the world as well as to make an impact on the news and stories I write. It does seem like a long shot, but with the right motivation, work ethic and a little bit of luck, I truly believe I will be able to achieve this goal.  And with this dream job of mine, I would like to be able to travel.  Right now, I am sixteen years old.  In another sixteen years, I hope to be able to say that I have seen so much of the world’s culture that I am able to impact others as I have been able to impact myself.

My fourth wish is to be able to start a family that I can share these personal experiences with, especially since I will be in the need of a few traveling buddies.  Whenever the time comes, I would like to marry my best friend wherever he may be in the world.  Growing up, little girls think about what their husbands look like, act like, and the times they will share they with them.  I am one of those little girls and hope that he is everything I have ever wanted in a partner.   A great lesson that I have learned is the importance of friendship and always being by somebody’s side and I hope to find that within my marriage.  One day, I would like to have the most beautiful children and give them everything I have to offer in this world of ours.  I want to be a mother who serves as a positive influence with hopes of them following my footsteps of always trying to find a happy outlook on things.  This leads to my last wish.

I hope to live a life of happiness.  I always do my best to be in a positive mood for the ones around me and those who I talk to so they can be in a positive mood as well.  I never want to leave negative energy because I have chosen to only spread positivity.  God never said life is fair.  Rain falls on the just and the unjust.  However, I have made a promise to myself to use that negativity and turn it into something better.  Life is not meant to pout over things that weren’t according to plan.

I truly believe that God has a plan set for me and whatever that plan may be, I know my path will lead me exactly where I am supposed to go.  And if my five wishes are not written in the stars, it simply means that my life was not destined to go that way.  But in the meantime, I will continue to set goals for myself and dream bigger and bolder than I ever thought I would. Oh, I forgot to ask- What are your wishes?

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