Kip – Filmfest Preview Q&A

Film: Kip

Producers: Kyle Collar, Matthew Krause, and Ben Nickel

Interviewee: Ben Nickel

1. What’s your film about?

“A man who kills his wife.”

2. What’s the theme of your film?

“Horror [and] psychological thriller.”

3. What was the inspiration for the film?

“It was based on true events that took place in Jackson Michigan. We were inspired because we live in Michigan.”

4. Can you describe the filming/editing process?

“The filming process was a struggle. It was extremely hard to find time [when] all of us could film at the same time. We had to plan our entire filming days with little downtime. The editing process was not very hard because there was nothing special that we had to do.”

5. How did you choose the actors/actresses?

“Most of our actors were our friends. We did not think too hard on who we cast.”

6. What was your favorite part about the creative process?

“Our favorite part of this was that we had to be creative to what led up to the murder of Patricia Artz because this was not mentioned anywhere. We did that because we made it seem like he could not afford to pay for the shop anymore.”

7. What messages are you trying to convey?

“We are not trying to convey a message. We are trying to tell a story.”

8. What can your audience expect to get out of the film?

“We just want to inform them on what happened in 1999 not too far from where they live.”

9. How is your film different from the rest?

“Ours is different because it is based on a true story. No other movie is based on a true story.”

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