Cakabakery Offers Up Something For Everyone

Cakabakery Offers Up Something For Everyone

Sam Noonan, Staff Writer

We all know that craving for something sweet, savory, and (most likely) sugary. It’s hard not to have a sweet tooth, especially in Cakabakery, located in Eastown. Cakabakery starts off with a unique and unusual exterior with a windmill-inspired design, making the bakery look like it is fresh out of a storybook. The building fits right in with Eastown’s brick roads, which complement the color scheme and reel you in with its eccentricity.

Entering the bakery, the first thing that stood out to me was the employees. Gathered around behind the counter, they were laughing, talking, and all getting along well. This lended to the bakery’s upbeat and happy air, and made me feel very welcomed. The interior of Cakabakery most definitely does not disappoint, and maintains a similar look to the exterior by keeping to the windmill theme. There’s no slacking in detail either, with little intricacies hidden seemingly everywhere. The counter has a playful and welcoming look to it, and the well-lit seating area urges you to take a seat and enjoy a sweet treat. After looking over our options for a minute, my friend and I decided to get chocolate chunk cookies while my mom and sisters opted for cupcakes.

While you can never go wrong with a chocolate chunk cookie, you really can’t go wrong with one from Cakabakery. The chocolate was semi-sweet and not overwhelming, while also standing out. The cookie was not dry at all, and it was the perfect consistency. My mom and sisters all agreed that the cupcakes were the best they had ever eaten, and that coming back to Cakabakery is a must.

Overall, going to Cakabakery is a must for anyone who enjoys sweets, or really anyone in general. The bakery has an upbeat and cheery atmosphere, and that combined with friendly staff can make anyone feel at home. The next time you’re in Eastown, I strongly advise making a trip to Cakabakery.