Player Profile: Aidan O’Meara

Player Profile: Aidan OMeara

Name: Aidan O’Meara

Grade: 10

Sport: JV Baseball

Position: Outfield

How long have you been playing baseball?

“I’ve been playing ever since I was in kindergarten, so about 11 years.”

How much has being on JV last year help you this season?

“Being on JV last year showed me the level of play and intensity that I need to bring to the game. It also taught me how to be a good teammate because high school baseball is a lot harder than little league. It’s really the first time a lot of guys have ever struggled in their baseball career so you just got to be there to support them.”

Who’s your favorite baseball player?

“My favorite player is Yasiel Puig because he’s so exciting to watch. He plays with so much energy and passion and he’s just a great ambassador for the sport.”

What’s your favorite part about playing baseball?

“I love how the game is so focused on the mental side, so you need a short memory of all the mistakes you make.”

What do you like most about coach Murray?

Coach Murray doesn’t call a lot of bunts, which I really like because it gives us freedom when we are at the plate. When we need coaching, he’s a really good instructor.

What’s your favorite baseball memory?

“My best memory is on my travel team when I was younger; I made two diving catches in a row.”