Player Profile: Jacob Campbell


Name: Jacob Campbell

Grade: 10

Sport: Boys JV lacrosse


Fun facts about Jacob:

  1. Varsity Hockey Player
  2. Fourth Year Playing Lacrosse
  3. Drive a Honda Odyssey

Now that the season is coming to an end, what was the best part so far?

“So far, the best part of this season has been making the trip to Hartland—a team we were supposed to have a challenge with—and then crushing them. That was the moment we knew our team was something special.”

What is the best attribute the team has?

“Our team chemistry is incredible. Everyone can talk and joke around with everyone else on the team, which helps us on and off the field.”

What is one thing you’re most looking forward to for next season?

“Hopefully, playing for the Varsity team and to try and make a run for a state championship.”

What pre-game rituals do you have?

“Most games I’ll roll out for a few minutes and then listen to music. Every once in a while, however, my pal Gray Bennett and I will have a deep and meaningful conversation about life and how it relates to our upcoming lacrosse game. It really lifts our spirits and energizes us to go out on the field and really give it our all.”