Five arbitrary reasons why I get out of bed in the morning


1. My mom

It’s the oldest story in the book, why one loves his/her mom, but it’s something that I refuse to not acknowledge.

Mom, people tell me that saying “I love you” too often will degrade the impact of a phrase, but I disagree because even if I say repeatedly every day, I still feel like you deserve more. You are undoubtedly the strongest person I know, and I thank you for your courage. I thank you for boldly staring fear in the face, even when it is enveloped everywhere in your world.

Life is a little less scary by your side, and no words will ever be sufficient enough to describe your warmth and light. So for now, I’ll just say I love you.

2. Spring mornings

Even though spring in Michigan is often victim to what seems like a never-ending flood of rain and soft ash that runs across the sky for miles, there are moments where glimpses of light sneak through, as if it were a tease of summer.

There’s something warm about opening my blinds at dawn and having the sun say hello. The clear sky and subdued, amber sun give a sliver of hope, sending a message that everything will be okay because even the clouds can’t linger forever.

The smell of fresh-cut grass and untouched flowers welcomes me in these moments as they look at me with a newfound sense of life. It’s almost as if the periwinkle flowers are personally greeting me, making sure I notice them and all of their brilliance.

3. Good books

I can admit that most books I read are “good.” But every once in a while, I will get hold of a story that is really good, one that I absolutely fall in love with.

These are the books that I need to continue reading, aching to find out what happens next. Yet at the same time, I want to read them as slowly as possible and catch every detail, every strain of thought that the author embellished each sentence with.

These are the books that hold a story in between their lines as if the emotion within their language streams beyond the words and into the endless space of my conscience. They create an ersatz tangibility, fooling me into thinking I can almost touch all of the sorrow, fervor, and bliss that drift through the pages.

These are the books that made me fall in love with words and all of their power, ultimately initiating the beginning of an undying admiration of language.

4. Watching someone talk about something they’re passionate about

Not too long ago I was interviewing a girl for a feature, and a simple conversation that began about a cat dissection ended with a description about her pursuit in the medical field. When I asked her why she decided to go down this path, she responded with an unforgettable eagerness.

Her verbal response clearly indicated her devotion to science, but it was the light that went off in her eyes and the avidity in her voice that made it certain. Her body language gave integrity to her words; it was as if her entire self, mind and body, was interlocked, both entirely passionate about the subject.

Her verbal response clearly indicated her devotion to science, but it was the light that went off in her eyes and the avidity in her voice that made it certain.”

I’ve seen this response several times in different situations with different people, but the fire that is ignited in their eyes as they speak of something enamoring always stays the same. It is captivating to witness someone so infatuated with a subject.

5. Coming home to my dog

Almost every time I have opened my door for the past seven years, a ball of fluff, also known as my dog, has scampered toward me, brimming with excitement. This routine of acknowledgment has become embedded in my day, and when he doesn’t show up, a part of my afternoon feels stolen.

My brother and I had a conversation on whether or not our dog wonders what’s out there in the world, and we thought about it for a minute, quickly realizing that our home is the only world he knows. This family is his home, and maybe that’s why he becomes so elated. I only hope I can make his world as wonderful and exciting as he becomes every time I come home.