Player Profile: Kelsey Toole

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Player Profile: Kelsey Toole

Name: Kelsey Toole

Grade: 11

Position: Forward

Sport: Girls varsity soccer

Fun facts about Kelsey

  • She used to work at Jimmy Johns
  • She used to play basketball
  • She used to be the second tallest girl in the junior class growing up

How confident are you in the team as of now heading into the home stretch of the season?

“After beating Forest Hills Northern last Friday, I feel pretty good about where we are [in the conference race], but there is always room for improvement.”

What is the biggest difference from JV last year and varsity this year?

“I would say the speed of the game has changed a lot since JV. We also face tougher opponents this year.”

What’s the biggest improvement you have noticed in your game this year?

“I’ve been more confident on the ball offensively, as well as playing with high energy more consistently.”

Who would you consider the biggest inspiration in your soccer career?

“I would say just my entire family, simply because of how they continue to support me and cheer me on every game.”

Do you have a famous quote you go by?

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.”

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