Player Profile: Nathan Sigg


Name: Nathan Sigg

Grade: 10

Sport: JV Baseball

Position: Outfield

What is your favorite part of playing baseball?

“I love the team aspect of the game. You always are very reliant on your teammates in baseball, which I love. If you have a great hit, that is cool and all but you are relying on your teammate to also get a hit so you can score. I just love the team aspect of baseball.”

What do you think is the biggest reason for your team’s success this year?

“It definitely has a lot to do with the team chemistry. We all get along really well and really like to play with one another. Even when we went through that stretch of losing 4 or 5 games in a row, we never got down on each other. We just kept telling one another to keep our heads up and just keep pushing.”

How did you benefit from being on the JV team last year as a freshman?

“I think just the speed of the game. For me, going from 8th-grade travel baseball to JV was a huge difference because just the game is faster, pitchers are better and throw harder and players, in general, are just better. So now having this be my 2nd year at this level it has really helped because I have already been through it.”

What is your favorite part about Coach Murray?

“Last year I didn’t have Murray as my coach like a lot of the guys on the team did, but he’s really a good coach. I really like him; he knows a lot about the game and is a really good teacher of the game. He gives us a lot of freedom at the plate and will also put us in great situations to win games.”

What makes baseball such a difficult game?

“It’s funny because baseball is mostly about failing. I mean people always say that if a major leaguer gets a hit in just 30% of his at-bats, he’s a Hall of Famer. In baseball you are going to fail a lot, so what you do after you fail is what makes you the kind of player you are.”