Girls varsity lacrosse falls to top-ranked Rockford 13-8


Hot off of its win against Brighton, the girls lacrosse team traveled to Rockford to take on the Rams in a close battle, but they ultimately fell to them with a final score of 13-8. As usual, Forest Hills performed well on offense, however, it wasn’t enough to match Rockford’s 13. Forest Hills was lacking in attack subs, therefore the girls that were playing had to play the entire game and fight the best they could.

The top scorers from Forest Hills on the night were once again Forest Hills Eastern senior Erin Kloostra and Forest Hills Northern senior Molly Mullett. This dynamic duo has continuously made their way to being the top scorers on the team. Although Forest Hills lost, they didn’t lose as badly as they did the first time against Rockford. The first game ended in a score of 15-5, and they improved greatly this time around.

The next girls varsity lacrosse game will take place on Saturday, May 18, against Cranbrook.