Beabadoobee’s latest EP Loveworm is an emotional ride of a gift

Beabadoobees latest EP Loveworm is an emotional ride of a gift

When the “You might also like” section for this particular EP on Spotify showed me “Sad Indie” and “Down in the dumps,” I knew it was going to be an emotional ride.

I wasn’t prepared for how much could be compacted into the songs of Loveworm even from Spotify’s clear warnings. For an EP with just seven songs—her second one overall—beabadoobee beautifully breeds yet another safe space for raw emotions and truth.

The song that led me to this EP was the first track: “Disappear.” Appearing on a few discovery playlists on Spotify, “Disappear” immediately stood out from an endless flood of pop music; with a unique beginning of a mellow guitar playing in the background and her lyrics of trying to find out why the love has disappeared, beabadoobee puts her heart and soul out in the open within the first thirty seconds as if this collection of songs is her journal.

It’s as if everything pales in color—in the best possible way—in order to pay respect to the moving music.”

Every harmonious word and beat in just track one already began a build-up of that one-of-a-kind fuzzy feeling that only truly sensational and lachrymose music holds.

As the first track comes to an end, the mellow guitar switches to an acoustic beat with the beginning of “1999,” and beabadoobee comes in almost instantly with a completely different style of voice. Whereas “Disappear” had a more intense yet still quiet voice, beabadoobee utilizes her soft, meager voice on “1999” to melt into the guitar. This similar yet different voice phenomenally bestows the lyrics of “Hold me close and say you care” with utter emotion, a theme and nonpareil talent of hers.

Each understated high note on “1999” makes the world change in color. It’s as if everything pales in color—in the best possible way—in order to pay respect to the moving music.

Track four, “Ceilings,” starts with a twenty-two-second introduction of dulcet guitar strumming that makes me feel as if I’m on a cloud. Then, as she starts singing in the angelic, euphonious way she’s established as her own, the theme of love appears yet again. In all honesty, this song leaves me without words; it is a four-minute song you have to listen to in order to understand. Every lyric is so impactful. Every beat is so purposeful. Every note is an unrivaled experience.

I have never felt so cocooned in a song, making it feel like beabadoobee’s words are a sonorous hug.

Continuing this hug that I wish would never end, the seventh and final track makes the end a little more bearable. “Soren,” beabadoobee’s goodbye to this EP, continues on with the recurring topics of love and losing it. Her fruity voice combined with the perfect guitar and piano notes combine to enhance “Soren” as a mellifluous masterpiece.

The background instruments then change in the last thirty seconds of this song after she sings her final lyrics “Be in your arms tonight.” This closing change of beat makes the song feel like a proper “see you later” from beabadoobee; it’s like she has perfectly wrapped up this gift of an EP for us, the listeners, to enjoy.

It was the perfect gift. So I’d like to thank beabadoobee for this—for everything she gave me within the twenty-five minutes she shared.

Loverworm was and is an experience. Every song is crafted with peerless perfection of human emotion, and for me, it brought out my own.