Boys JV lacrosse takes down Orchard Lakes St. Mary’s 18-3


Boys JV lacrosse went cross state for a matchup against Orchard Lakes St. Mary’s. They are a top-tier prep school, but the Rangers knocked them off 18-3 in a strong offensive performance. 

The Rangers started out big with a banger goal from sophomore captain Collin Ward, who had an impressive night. After that, it was off to the races for FHC, with the first half being a barrage of Ranger goals and stops. They shut down the Eaglets, allowing only three goals in the half, which ended up being the only goals in the whole game. The Rangers used their offensive talent and pushed the ball up the field swiftly at every possession. The Rangers clipped the Eaglets wings as they themselves soared down the field scoring goal after goal.

The second half was more of the same, as FHC continued to control the game, led by freshman goalie Charlie Mehney. He shut out the opponent with help from sophomore d-poles Sawyer Bosch and Deacon Lobdell. After leading 11-3 at the half, the Ranger offense didn’t slow down. Sophomores Grayson Bennett and George Cobb were huge threats on the offensive end, as they continued to press the Eaglet defense. The game ended after a swift move and a goal from sophomore Reid Davison who closed it out 18-3.

The Rangers face off in Detroit yet again for their last game of the season against Detroit Catholic Central on Thursday, May 16. If the Rangers were to pull out this win, they would finalize their record at 16-2, which would prove that they are one of the top JV teams in the state.