Dear incoming freshmen, here’s what you should know


Dear Incoming Freshmen,

As your eighth-grade year comes to an end, and you prepare to take the big step into the world of high school, a few current high schoolers have offered their best advice. Aside from the cliches of “getting into activities” and “stepping outside your comfort zone,” these students have provided their tried and true methods for making it in this unique in-between time of your life:

“High school is unique because it’s a chance to dip your toe in the water. You get to reap the benefits of being considered a mature member of society, while still having the fun things high school provides. Also, get into anything and everything that you are interested in! You only get one time in high school, live it up!” – Alexander Hahn (junior)

“Make connections with your teachers because it will help you [a lot] in the long run.” – Grant Adrianse (junior)

“Take advantage of any and all of the opportunities that you are given. Freshmen year is an extremely important year and you will enjoy high school so much more if you take all of the opportunities you can.” – Cam Roth (sophomore)

“Try your best to not procrastinate. Make a schedule, stay organized, and budget your time well.  And with that extra time, make sure you get into extracurricular activities you are interested in and enjoy.” – Brian Travis (freshman)

“Become friends with your teachers because they will make your life ten times easier!” – Kali Coppess (freshman)

“Don’t wait until [the] last minute, because that won’t get you anywhere. You are very capable of trying your best and still being able to have fun with it. From my experience, procrastinating isn’t that smart. As high school goes on, it will just get harder [if] you [don’t] know what you are doing. Work hard, have fun, and start strong.” – Christian Docter (freshman)

“I’ve struggled with feeling like I need to be at the same level or even better than my classmates. As a competitive person myself, I can say that it’s destructive to always compare yourself to your peers in that manner. While a little motivation to do better is good, don’t stress out when you’re not doing the same things and getting the same grades as your friends [and] classmates. What’s important is the effort that you put into your work.” – Lindsey Cool (junior)

“Always try your best no matter what you are doing, and [remember to] enjoy it because it will go by quicker than you think.” – Lilly Vanskiver (sophomore)

“One piece of advice I’d give to my freshman self is to get involved sooner. I didn’t [join] The Central Trend until my junior year, and I totally wish I would’ve started sooner just so I could spend more time doing what I love. I limited myself from doing a lot of things out of fear, and I’m really regretting that later in high school.” – Meredith VanSkiver (junior)

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