The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

Student Council Q&A: Audrey Sidebotham

Name: Audrey Sidebotham

Grade: Sophomore

Position: Treasurer

1. Why are you running? 

“I’m running because I want to make a difference. I want to continue fundraising for sexual assault victims. I’m also running because I want more participation from our class, and I think I could help with that.”

2. How do you believe you can help your grade?

“I think I can help motivate everyone to participate in all of our school activities. I also think I can rally everyone together and start winning some of the class competitions.”

3. What changes would you like to see in your grade?

“I would like to see more participation in our grade. We lack in all of the school competitions and that needs to change.”

4. Why should students vote for you?

“I think people should vote for me because I will listen to what everyone has to say. I’m also going to continue many of our fundraisers and start many more to help fundraise for prom.”

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