Student Council Q&A: Taylor Baumgardner

Name: Taylor Baumgardner

Grade: Sophomore

Running for: Vice President

1. Why are you running?

“I am running simply because I love school spirit. It means the world to me. I love doing everything I can to increase the school spirit in our class and our school as a whole. Making people happier in a place like school is why I am here. I also want a better year for everybody, and I want those who are more shy to feel comfortable coming out of their shell.”

2. How do you believe you can help your grade?
“I know I can help my class with creative projects and gaining participation. I also think I can help our class come together a little more.”

3. What changes would you like to see in your grade?

“I would like to see us come together more as a family and see an increase in participation for activities during Homecoming and Winterfest week.”

4. Do you have experience with Student Council?
“Yes, I have been on [Student Council] for two years now — hopefully three after the elections!”

5. What is the most gratifying part of being on Student Council?

“The best part is being able to help our class have an awesome year. I love seeing the smile on their faces when we do fun things in assemblies. Simply making people happy in a place that can be so stressful is why I am so attracted to this council.”

6. Why should students vote for you?

“Students should vote for me, not only because I have experience, but because I genuinely care about them and how they feel. I am here for them.”



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