Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2

Maddie Yob, Staff Writer


When I was younger and I had a babysitter from 7 in the morning till 7 at night, she barely allowed us to watch any type of TV or movies. On the off chance that it was raining and we had already finished are two books for the week, she allowed us to watch a movie. She had quite a collection of the Disney classics and some other miscellaneous movies, but out of the twenty movies she had, not one was a sequel. When I was seven and I was sick and tired of watching the same movies over and over again, I finally asked “Jean, why don’t you have any sequels?” She responded with, “They are basically the same movie with slightly different characters.”

This is true in yet another movie that just recently hit theaters, the hilarious comedy called Pitch Perfect 2. Jean, who was way beyond intelligent, was right again (maybe it was because she read 3 books a week). I really enjoyed the first Pitch Perfect as it was both the correct amount of hilariousness and quirky romance (is that a thing? because if it isn’t, I am making it one). But the second time around I can’t help but feel that the magnitude of comedy and romance was just way too much for me. During the first movie, I really enjoyed Fat Amy’s humor, but now I feel like Rebel Wilson is sick of people talking about how “fat” she is. Because I know I am. Obesity is a huge problem in the United States and if we are constantly mocking it, then what makes people want to get help about it. Come on writers lets think about this.

One thing that really displeased me was that they kind of replaced Anna Kendrick. Out of the 18 songs on the soundtrack she only sang one song. And who is the replacement you might ask, well it was Hailee Steinfeld. Hailee who? That was my exact reaction because I have never heard of this actress, and she is replacing an Academy Award and Golden Globe winner. Now before you get too distraught, they did not “replace” Ann, but simply put her in the background and let Hailee get her fifteen minutes of fame. The ending, which I will not spoil for those of you who haven’t seen it, made complete sense and really completed the full circle. I find myself furious that Anna had less to do with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I did like the movie, but on a scale out of 10 I would give it a six. Now, for many movies a six isn’t bad but going into the movie theater I thought it would at least be an eight like the last one. As I described it wasn’t an awful movies by any means, but I found with the help of all the thirteen year olds in my theater, that it appealed to them much more than it did to me. It’s probably the slightly immature humor that is constantly throughout the movie and if that’s what you want to see, then it will not disappoint. Although, I understood that the expectation going into the movie theater was just that I found that they were burying me with all this humor that it was so hard to catch up.

The movie was not horrible, but it disappointed me. Going into the movie theater I was ready for Anna Kendrick to amaze me with her vocals, and Rebel Wilson with humor. This is not what I got. Although I do understand that sometime you go into the movies and you do not like them, I was looking looking forward to this movie and instead I was disappointed because it brought back my childhood memories of rainy days at Jean’s House.