Honeyweed shows Summer Salt’s sweeter side


As summer crests its calendar existence, the days of July and August cruise by and steal you from the days of seemingly eternal sunshine. The days until the start of school become numbered, and typical summer music’s ferociously upbeat attitude becomes out of place as summer energy dwindles into a lull. Summer Salt’s most recent EP, Honeyweed, perfectly encapsulates the feeling of the end of summer, filling the lacuna of music that describes the downhill drive from summer to autumn. 

“Honeyweed,” the first song, kicks off the EP with the strumming of a bass that feels less like a kick and more as if the music is grabbing your hand and jumping in with you. As the easygoing melody picks up, Summer Salt accustoms you to their unique style of singing that can only be described as vocals on tippy-toes. The band’s coastal tune brings the beach to you as their voices express the lyrical story of a summer crush. The speed-up-slow-down pattern of “Honeyweed” ends with ease as the EP switches gears, moving onto the second song. 

“Fading Away” is the definition of groovy. In short, this song is an icy glass of Kool-Aid garnished with a drink umbrella: sweet, sugary, and hits perfectly every time. Not only does this song continue the beachy vibes already established with its catchy whistling, it brings the summer heat to the listener whether the AC is on full blast or not. 

The middle of the EP brings “Magic Boy” and “Little Chimmy,” both of which articulate the melancholy feeling that comes along with the closing of summer while still keeping the audience in a woozy state as the music prompts you to sway along. Lyrics like “One of these days, everything that’s left too fast/Will come back at last” from “Magic Boy” and “Well sometimes, we lose a little honey from the comb” from “Little Chimmy” are those that lullaby listeners into a wistful surrender of summer.

As the EP gets ready to close, the penultimate song “Coming Up” serves as a feel-good song. It’s a lovely reminiscence of the summer that’s happened and a delightful reminder of the summer that’s to come. The optimistic lyrics “Well I’m back right on top again/And this world’s trying to push me down/Well if it’s down where it wants to be for me/I’m coming up” call for you to siphon the remaining sweetness of summer while you still can. 

The closer, “Full Catastrophe” deceptively starts off with a crestfallen nine seconds before changing course. The song morphs into an indescribable emotion. It shares the speedy strumming of “Fading Away” yet the lyrics and intervals of instrumentals give the song a weighted feeling. Summer Salt sings simply just to make you feel. This song is a conglomerate of the feelings and rhythms of the other five songs. What makes this song its own is the ending: a crescendo. 

The ending resonates in your ears, leaving you with the hollow feeling of summer’s absence.