Jvrangergolf: JV Golf Shines on the Course and on Instagram


Jordan George, Editor in Chief


One of the most notable Spring sports sensations has been the JV Golf team. Yes, you read that right. The JV golf team has made quite an impression on the course with their undefeated record, but they have made a bigger splash on the social media scene, with their popular Instagram account simply titled “Jvrangergolf.” The account has garnered 252 followers and includes various player interviews, “mixtapes,” and golf tutorials, all of which are genuinely funny and are lead by the mastermind of the operation, sophomore Grant Bardelli.

“I got the idea for the account when I saw someone on FX interviewing lacrosse players with a lacrosse stick,” said Bardelli, who can be seen in every interview with a golf club. “I thought it was funny and decided that it could be funny if I did something like that for golf.”

The team has an obvious emphasis on having a good time, and that shines through in the account. The interviews are laugh worthy and ridiculous, but also give viewers the chance to meet some underclassmen that they may have not known otherwise.

“My favorite part of the account has to be the interviews,” said Bardelli. “I try every time to start the interview out in a more ridiculous way than the previous one, like jumping out from behind a sign. I always thought it would just be something I find funny, but I guess other people think it’s funny too.”

The account has become a common topic of conversation amongst underclassmen and upperclassmen alike, and the account’s ability to make people laugh has created a lot of positivity in the halls of FHC. In one video, the camera follows numerous sophomores as they rave about the account, with one student saying “it is the greatest thing on earth.” For Bardelli and the rest of the JV golfers, the response has been surprising.

“The response we have gotten from the account has been amazing,” said Bardelli. “People comment all the time showing support and former players seem to enjoy it as well. I think the funniest thing is when I’m just having a normal conversation with someone and they say ‘JV Ranger Golf is hilarious’ or something like that. Some parents have even started following as well as kids from the middle school and they all tell me it’s so funny.”

The team’s fun-loving attitude originates from JV Golf coach Bill Alexander, who encourages the guys to have a good time while playing a sport that they love.

“Mr. Alexander is my favorite coach of all time,” said Bardelli. “He teaches you and makes you better, but he will also be the first person to make fun of you for a stupid mistake. He has some of the craziest stories I have ever heard and it seems like everyone likes him. He knows how to teach everyone and is just a great guy.”

Alexander is also a fan of the account as well.

“I just know that Bardelli is hoping that [the account] helps him with the ladies,” said Alexander, who also teaches science at Central Middle School. “It might take more than a few followers to correct that situation. The rest of the guys seem to be enjoying it as well.”

In addition to the success of the account, the team has been enjoying impressive success on the course as well. The team is currently undefeated and boasts an impressive lineup of freshmen and sophomores.

“These guys are out there to win,” said Alexander. “They may joke around but we are always focused on execution.”

Bardelli echoes his coach in emphasizing that the team is focused on their success on the course as well as their fun off of it.

“Our goal for the rest of the season is to finish undefeated,” said Bardelli. “We want to win every tournament. We feel like this is a reasonable goal and that we have the chance to do something special.”

As for the account, Bardelli is unsure of what the future holds.

“I will probably hold on to the account and post throughout the summer, but after that I have no clue who will continue the legacy of Jvrangergolf next year,” said Bardelli. “I could be me or some freshman I don’t know.”

In the end, the JV golf team’s goal is to make people laugh, have some fun, and enjoy success on the course and on the Instagram feed.

“I never expected the account to become this popular, but I am glad it did because I feel like it makes people laugh and realize that not all sports have to be so intense.”