Marissa Murphy to be Inducted into FHC Athletic Hall of Fame

Marissa Murphy to be Inducted into FHC Athletic Hall of Fame

Maddie Yob, Staff Writer

This Friday, there will be an annual FHC Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Marissa Murphy has the honor to be inducted this year for her past accomplishments.  TCT sat down for a Q and A with Murphy about the ceremony and her past and current career.
Q:What does this nomination mean to you?
A:This nomination is truly an honor. FHC sits near and dear to my heart as one of my best life experiences. I am so proud to have attended this school and feel like it has excelled in prepping me for the real world. To be a part of a lasting impression on this school is a great honor and something I am very excited about.

Q:What is it like being nominated for things that you did in the past that you may have forgotten about but are still remembered by others?
A:This nomination came as a shock to me, being inducted into the second class and only graduating a few years ago. I am thrilled to be considered for this athletic accomplishment so soon.

Q:What did you have to do to achieve that moment and goal? And what did you have to give up for this moment?
A:High school swimming is one of my favorite memories, from the fun we had as a team, to my success in the pool, I only carry positive memories. I built my life around swimming growing up and I truly felt that this community enabled me to succeed as an athlete and championed my involvement in everything that FHC has to offer. I practiced year round (which is required for a future in sports) and swam on RAYS in the off-season. Swimming was a huge time commitment, but it prepared equipped me with so much discipline and skill for college and now a career.

Q:What did it feel like to be a 5x State champion?

A:Swimming is a unique sport in that there are more than four opportunities to win a state title, unlike other sports that get one chance a year. Winning five state championships has coined me as the “winningest” athlete at FHC, which is an incredible distinction to receive. I have the privilege of sharing some of these titles with my teammates on relays, who created a competitive environment and welcomed hard work. These wins came through an awesome team, a great coach and support system to drive me to work my hardest. FHC recognizes their athletes and it was so fun to be a part of something so special.  

Q:Did this achievement take you anywhere further in your life?

A:After high school, I went on to compete at the University at Buffalo, a Division 1 MAC school. I earned both an athletic and academic scholarship. I was tabbed Newcomer of the Year, and went on to win 5 more titles at the MAC Conference Championships.

Q:What are some of your favorite memories from high school?

A:Some of my favorite memories of high school include freshmen swimming initiation, football games, school assemblies, class color day, Tim Jasperse, dance parties, and our tight-knit group of forever friends.

Q:When leaving behind that legacy, what do you hope that future athletes could take from your story and learn?
A: High school is such a crucial time to set the standard for yourself as an athlete. It’s when you start creating habits that will foster your athletic career. I didn’t fully internalize this until my senior year when I resolved not to miss a single practice and committed to physical therapy for the first time. Time management was my key to success, and it was a big learning curve. I found a system to balance homework, practice, friends, and taking care of myself. That system has stuck with me throughout the years and is something I continue to utilize and work at every day. Athletes at FHC have the privilege and resources to make their careers something great, it’s dedication and discipline that will get them there.