Countless Countdowns Come To A Close

Countless Countdowns Come To A Close

May 12, 2016

For me, the end of senior year is here, and it is such a weird mix of emotions. I never thought the end of high school would come; but, at the same time, part of me felt like it was this tremendous countdown. The end of high school was always something that seemed so far off, even at the start of senior year. It never felt like the end would come, but as the lasts started it became apparent that I wasn’t staying in high school forever.

This year has been filled with countdowns and waiting. At the beginning of basketball, I was wishing it would just be over and before I knew it, it was. Out of all of the endless countdowns that I had throughout the school year, it doesn’t seem real that I only have two left: my last day of high school and graduation day.

As I have heard so many people reflect on high school in the past couple weeks, some people say that this year felt like it was just another year for them and not “The Senior Year.” For me, this was nothing like my past years in high school. Things were different this year for me. I was different.

With all of these emotions, memories, and countdowns in my head, I can’t help but think about and thank some of the people that made this year, and high school, such a memorable experience. There have been countless people along the way that have helped me, entertained me, and comforted me. I have to say thank you to AP Bio Squad, also known as Elizabeth Martin, Michael Tanis, Alex Horman, Jessica Fuller, Chloe Bruchnak, and Mackenzie Yob. You guys have been my constant support system through all my Cs and Ds this year and I can’t thank you enough for listening and gossiping with me instead of doing any work.

Thank you to the Lady Rangers Varsity Basketball team for giving me incredible memories including snapcheezies, amazing Adele performances by Madi Winter and Mackenzie Yob, amazing locker room pump up jams by Rhea Thornton, and of course Jessica Fuller’s amazing dancing skills (no, that is not sarcasm, Jessica Fuller is an amazing dancer).

Thank you to all the seniors that I went on spring break with for amazing experiences and for allowing Ally Fitzgerald and I to be your potato queens. Thank you to the TCT staff, especially Mr.George, for putting up with my sassy and unpredictable moods that may or may not have ended in me crying.

Thank you to Jordie George for always being there to listen and giving me numerous doughnuts and lots of coffee because I beg him to.

Thank you to my best friends Rhea Thornton and Maggie Obermeyer for understanding and comforting me through my senior year struggles. I still can not believe that we met at poms over 12 years ago and here we are best friends ever since. I love you guys so much and thanks for being the best best friends a girl could ask for.

And the last thank you goes out to my family, and more specifically my best friend and twin Mackenzie. I couldn’t have survived this year without you and your blunt honesty that keeps me in line. I don’t know what I am going to do with you next year. Who is going to tell me I look okay and make sure that I get up in the morning?

The mixed emotions that come with the end of senior year aren’t all sad. I’m excited to start college and have a clean slate with new friends and a new life. Although I’m sad that senior year is coming to a close I’m ready for college and all of its challenges I’m ready to leave my parents and be independent. I’m ready to test myself and make new friends and separate from those that I’ve spent the last 12 years with.

It is truly incredible that this countdown is finally over. I am not sure what to feel or what to say to truly wrap this 4-year experience up, but I know one thing: it was a life-changing, educational, and truly fun experience that I will never forget.

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