Player Profile: Ben Koning


Name: Ben Koning

Grade: 11

Sport: Varsity Tennis

3 fun facts about Ben:

  • He can do a standing backflip
  • He is a somewhat famous tik toker
  • He is an avid Michigan fan

What is your favorite part about the sport? 

“My favorite part about tennis is how fast-paced it is. I play doubles so I really enjoy how intense each match is and how quick everything happens.”

What is the best attribute of the team?

“One of our teams biggest attribute is the new freshman Chris Shang. He has played some of the hardest players, being four singles, and is always surprising the team with his fast pace.”

What is one tip you can give to beginning tennis players?

“I have been playing for most of my life and have found many tips helpful. The most important part of the sport is the 1st serve. It starts out the game and sets the intensity of the match.”

What was one of the team’s main goals coming into the season?

“We have many goals as a team but one of our biggest ones is to be ready and more prepared for some of the big tennis team: Okemos, Seaholm, Jesuit U of D, and FHN.”