Inside the Garden: hiatus in haikus


Taken by Lydia VanDeRiet

Just one click—so small—

inspired a drunken mix

of distress and funk.


A mix spiked with fear

and attended by fever

watered the inside.


Herbs cowered within,

verdure slowly recoiled,

and light filtered in.


The protective wall

that kept Garden secluded

had daringly diverted.


Diverted from life,

from the path built by Garden,

from the only Known.


And the greenery

knew a revolt had occurred

and from the path hid.


Nothing could have been

any semblance of prepared

for that dull whisper.


Dull in sense of voice,

dull in volume and extent,

yet rare in content.


Hey, anyone there?

bounded down the stone-built path,

accustomed to dust.


So a pause was used

to allow a needed breath

as change came flooding.