Player Profile: Hunter Robinson


Name: Hunter Robinson

Grade: 10

Sport: JV Football

Position: Quarterback

What is the strongest part of the team this year?

“The defense and our run game are probably the strongest parts of our team. Tyler has been a key player on both ends of the game for a few other people who have greatly benefited us.”

What has been the biggest inspiration in your football career? 

“My dad has definitely been my biggest inspiration. I’ve always looked up to him and he used to play quarterback in high school so we can both relate.”

What is your favorite football memory of all time?

“Beating Grandville 27-14 after losing to them 0-44 last year. That was one of our goals on the year and I’m really proud of how we played from start to finish.”

How did it feel to be pulled up to varsity for a game?

“It was a great experience to be around the varsity players and coaches. The environment was definitely a lot different as well and I’m definitely looking forward to next year.”


What is the biggest difference from freshman to JV football? 

“The biggest difference is the pace and level of play. Our team is definitely starting to play at a whole new level after working together for over a year.”