eAchieve is worth the cost


In this day and age, the world is full of technology. We spend the majority of our days with a pocket-sized computer at our fingertips. News updates come in every second, and people can send messages to each other with the snap of a finger. With the rest of the world advancing towards an even more tech-filled future, it’s rather obvious that the educational part should join them. Thus is the assumed reasoning behind eAchieve, the bring-your-own-device every day rule that will be implemented next year. With eAchieve, students will be required to bring a device with a keyboard to all of their classes, and all papers and textbooks will be accessed online.

This new concept brings with it plenty of pros. For one, the lack of paper used is astounding. The number of trees that could be saved is an astounding number.  If there is less paper, then there would be less binders, and therefore less for students to be carrying around. The backaches from the many textbooks to lug home every night would disappear. As far as student health goes, this is a definite plus.

Another benefit is familiarity. Using one’s own laptop or iPad allows students to feel more comfortable with their learning because they already know their way around the device. Students can spend less time learning how to use the device and more time actually doing their work.There will hopefully be a lack of confusion, which therefore is less questions to teachers about the computers and more time for teaching. Because students are already so wrapped up in technology, they are more likely to enjoy learning this way and are more likely to succeed. Furthermore, the students to bring their well loved devices than textbooks.

Another positive is giving students the opportunity to work outside of school. With their own device, they have an unlimited amount of resources at their fingertips. They are more likely to continue their learning after school and will be more engaged with their learning because they are using technology.

The next plus is better organization. Students often have papers and pencils falling out of their binders and backpacks. They also often struggle to remember where they put their papers in the binders. With their own devices, they keep everything in one place and don’t have to worry about where they placed that special world history speech or English paper. This also will better match students’ schedules. Instead of dragging a binder with them to practice or an after school meeting, they can instead simply bring their tablet and access their assignments from anywhere.

The last plus is that because students will be better prepared for the workplace. Many businesses already are fully online, and switching schools to online learning opens a whole new world of advantages for the next generation.

With the many opportunities that eAchieve brings, its a wonder that this program hasn’t been implemented before. The advantages of an individual learning experience for all are extremely appealing. As a new way of learning, a feeling of ownership, and many other advantages, this will hopefully be a benefit for all.