Improv Team Q&A: Ben Lowen

1. What bug are you?

“I am a daddy long legs. Daddy really represents everything about me. Daddy is love; daddy is life. Also, I have long legs.”

2. What is your favorite improv game? 

“My favorite improv game is Forward-Reverse because—Forward-Reverse. My favorite improv game is. My favorite improv game is Foward-Reverse because it’s very fun, and there’s a lot of—Forward-Reverse because. My favorite improv game is.”*

*The interviewer is just as confused as you are.

3. Tell me a story.

“I was in an improv game with [junior] Mason Yarnell called More Specific. Come see the show. He was dummy thick and couldn’t reach the blueberries. That’s all I can say. Come to the improv show and find more about that story. Also, he alerted the blueberries with the clap of his cheeks.”

4. Why does the show start at 7:33? Why not 7:32? Or 7:34?

“No comment.” 

5. If you were a fast-food chain, what would you be and why?

“Wendy’s because I’m always fresh and never frozen.”

6. What is your favorite Minecraft block?

“I’m more of a Terraria guy myself.”

7. Why did you decide to join improv?

“Because  Cole Kaminski is really hot, Aaron Jachim has nice hair, Susan Toppen has a wonderful voice, Megan Raisch has a vibrant personality, and Pranav [Nalam] is… okay.”

8. Give us your best car salesmen pitch for improv.

“You could fit so many jokes in this bad boy.” *smacks air*

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