Katie Knister – President of the student council board

Katie Knister - President of the student council board

Ilma Seperovic , Staff Writer

Name: Katie Knister

Current Grade: 11th

Running for: President of the student council board

Q: Why are you running for President of the student council board?

A: I sometimes hear people outside of student council with great ideas about how to improve our school, but they aren’t being heard. I’m running for president so that I can hopefully help those ideas to be heard. Also, I want to help make sure everything’s running smoothly. Since the student council plans a lot of different activities, it’s really important to stay organized. The president makes sure that everything is going well, and I want to help do that.

Q: Did you ever run for anything in previous years?

A: I was secretary of the student council board during junior year, and I was class treasurer during my freshman and sophomore years.

Q: What impact would you like to have on FHC?

A:I would like everyone who wants to be involved to be included, and I want to make sure people’s ideas are heard.

Q: What separates you from other candidates?

A: I’m actually running unopposed

Q: What would you like to change the most?

A: I would like to make high school a better experience by providing more opportunities to everyone and making a more inclusive atmosphere. This is easier said than done, but I think it’s so important that everyone knows that they have value and bring something that nobody else can. I’d really like for everyone to find something that they really love and be able to get involved in it so that we can form more connections within the student body.

Q: What other things are you involved in at FHC?

A: I’m on the tennis and ski teams, and I also do marching band.

Q: What is the most valuable characteristic within yourself that will help you run?

A: I think the thing that pushes me to run for student council is desiring to make high school a more enjoyable experience for people. I don’t want to be president just to put it on a college app, or something like that – I want to do what I can to help others, I want to bring opportunities that will make people smile. I know I sound super cliche, but I truly do want to help my classmates and make this a better place to be. And for those of you reading this, if you think of something that would improve our school, please let me know because I want to make that happen.

Q: What teacher has influenced you the most during high school?

A: It’s really hard to choose just one, I’m sorry — I’d say, Mrs. Mills, Mr. VonEhr, and Ms. Scobell.