Totem Pole – A Series of Haikus


There is a place 

Where I can travel back 

To the past me 


Inside the woods 

Decorated greenery

Stands a totem 


A totem of me 

The different versions 

Of my past self 


At the very bottom

Is the youngest of myself

Happy, gullible


Above that another 

A more mature, yet not wise 

But soon dying off 


As we keep rising

The cycle continues on 

One dying, one born 


Carved of mistakes 

Younger me felt very awkward 

But now I’m grateful 


I look back happy 

Happy with my discrete self 

Admiring my past 


Things I got wrong 

The things I created 

Things I learned from 


They make up myself 

I can’t help but look back 

And smile to myself