Player Profile: Sophia Galan


Player Name: Sophia Galan

Grade: 10

Sport: JV Volleyball 

Position: Outside Hitter 

3 Fun Facts: 

  • Her favorite color is purple
  • She has two sisters
  • She has a cat named Piper 

How long have you been playing this sport for?

“I have been playing volleyball for three years.”

What is your favorite part of the sport?

“I love how much of a team effort that you have to put into the game.”

What/who was your inspiration for the sport?

“I really enjoyed watching it, and a lot of my friends have played it.”

What is your pre-game ritual? 

“I like to listen to music before every game.”

Do you play any other sports?

“I used to play soccer, but I just ended up sticking to volleyball.”

What are your goals to improve as a player?

“I want to have more mental toughness.”