Player Profile: Megan Raisch

Cam Roth

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Name: Megan Raisch

Grade: 12

Sport: Varsity field hockey

How long have you been playing?

“This is my second year playing.”

What is your favorite part of playing field hockey?

“It’s competitive, which I love, and it’s a sport that takes a lot of practice and agility. It’s a sport where I really have to compete, outrun people, and refine stick skills.  Also, I love the girls that I’ve been playing with. I’ve never played with nicer coaches or people than I have in this sport.”

What team goals do you have for the season?

“We want more goals collectively. We’ve worked a lot on passing and defense but haven’t gotten a lot of goals for the season. More goals equals more wins.”

What individual goals do you have for the season?

“I want to learn a certain type of shot called the tomahawk. It’s an advanced shot, and it’s awesome. I also want to learn field spacing better and be able to anticipate where my teammates will pass to. Also, I want to get more shots in the net, of course.”