Player Profile: Sarah Dunn


Name: Sarah Dunn

Grade: 9

Sport: Varsity Volleyball

Fun Facts:

  • She plays basketball 
  • She has two older brothers
  • Her dog’s name is Nala
  • Her favorite food is ice cream, and her favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip

What is your favorite quote and why?

“My favorite quote is: “Next Play.” I like this because it always reminds me to not look back at the past experiences, but rather focus on what I am doing right now.”

What is your favorite part about the Ranger volleyball program?

“My favorite part about the program is definitely how close the team is. Our team chemistry is so strong, and everyone is so close and connected. It is always really fun too, and I really love it.”

What is your pre-game ritual?

“I always listen to the same music before every game: country and pop music.” 

Who is the biggest inspiration in your life and why?

“My biggest inspiration is my brother Ryan. He never stops pushing to be his best, and he has taught me to do the same thing. He also has helped me a lot over the years in all of my sports, and I really look up to him for that.”

When and why did you start playing volleyball?

“I started playing volleyball in sixth grade when all my friends were on the team. I decided to join, and I ended up loving it and have stuck with it ever since.”