Emily Briggs – Sophomore Class Trustee

Emily Briggs - Sophomore Class Trustee

Sam Noonan, Staff Writer

Name: Emily Briggs

Current Grade: 9th

Running for: Sophomore Class Trustee

Q: Why are you running for trustee?

A: I am running for trustee because I believe that our class needs someone to represent their opinions, while taking the job seriously.

Q: Did you run for anything in previous years?

A: No, I have never ran before.

Q: What impact would you like to have on FHC?

A: I hope to impact the school by uniting the class as a team. I hope that, if the whole class is on the same page, it might be easier for us to organize our school activities (assemblies, dances, etc.)

Q: What would you like to change the most?

A: I want to make it easier for a single student with an idea to present their idea to the school board. Currently, this is almost impossible, I hope to change this. I hope to involved in the class competitions at pep rallies. I want to help communicate between the school board and the students as it relates to what they hope for each event.

Q: What other things are you involved in at FHC?

A: I am on the Crew team.

Q: What motivated you to run?

A: I was motivated to run because I personally felt that our class needs a serious and committed student council, and I think I am up for that job.

Q: What is the most valuable characteristic within yourself that will help you run?

A: I am confident, yet also open minded. I feel my personality will make for a sure-footed, outgoing Student Trustee.

Q: What teacher has influenced you the most during high school?

A: Mrs. Bush. She has helped me to discover that I love biology and she taught me a lot about problem solving. I am very grateful to have been her student this year.