JV Volleyball secures strong win against Northview


Last night, the JV Volleyball team defeated Northview in two matches. The girls started off on the slower side, allowing Northview to have the lead in both matches, but they stepped up as the time continued and got the win.

Freshman Averie Zsachak had a great game last night, running a quick offense and changing up the plays, which allowed for the hitters to be more dangerous on the execution. The Rangers won the first match 25-12, passing the Northview team easily after scoring the first few points of the match.

In both of the first two matches, sophomore Sophia Galan was a strong server, allowing for long runs of scoring multiple points. They won the second match 25-13, only allowing Northview to score one more point than the first match. The girls were very consistent on both offense and defense, ensuring a win in both matches.

Head coach Natalie Roelfzema was very proud of the team’s performance after the game and had high praise for the game.

“Overall, the team was a well-oiled machine during last night’s matches,” Roelfzema said. “This allowed them to be cohesive and come out of last night’s game with a win.”

The next event for the Rangers is at home on Thursday, October 3rd at 5:00 PM against Lowell.