Player Profile: Averie Zaschak

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Player Profile: Averie Zaschak

Player Name: Averie Zaschak

Grade: 9

Sport: JV volleyball

Position: Setter

3 Fun Facts: 

  • She has two English Bulldogs named Daisy and Dozer
  • She plays club volleyball for MVA
  • She likes hanging out with her friends

What is your favorite part of the season so far?

“Getting to know the sophomores has been fun and watching the team bond and come together as the year has progressed.”

What is your pregame ritual?  

“We listen to music as a team in the locker room.”

Who was your inspiration for the sport?

“My dad has been my inspiration for volleyball. He spends a lot of time working with me one on one and pushing me to be a great teammate and a better player.”

Do you play any other sports, if so how do they relate to this sport? 

“I play club volleyball and plan on playing basketball at FHC. Both sports are team sports where you need to work together, trust each other, and positively push one another.”

What are some of your goals as a team?  

“Our goal is to play as a team on the court; our goal is to be “We not Me” and improve each day.”

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