Inside the Garden: rewrite the story—the colors


Lynlee Derrick

A photo of an eclectic mix of succulents and plants on a Barcelona street.

This friendship, 

fatefully formed from that first fearless day,

became one more

in the collection of flourishing flowers.


Blushing pink—poisoned purple—

defining dainty gossamer

as a colorful garden chauffeur.


A friend,

yes, the word never whispered in whipping winds,

soon friskily flitted

between blooming beds of bushes.


Vivid viridescent—lime leaves—

lining uncharted territory

as the Named one rewrote her story.


New words,

coated in sickening sweetness of venomous veneer,

seeped deep down

toward the enviously enraptured roots.


Callow hazel—trapped tawny—

normality came with the Named

as the jejune weeds became tamed.


The pall of haze; the closing of curtains,

lifted towards the purity of light

with the Friend being menacingly certain

that the masked mien may not fight.