Player Profile: Shannon Murphy

Cam Roth

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How long have you been playing field hockey? 

“I have been playing field hockey for 5 years.”

What is your favorite part of the sport? 

“One of my favorite parts of field hockey is the team. The bond we share and the support we give each other is a huge part of what makes playing for Forest Hills Field Hockey so enjoyable.”

In your opinion, what are some things that make a good team?

“In my opinion, positivity and support from teammates along with trust, communication, and teamwork on and off the field are some of the things that make a good team.”

How do you feel about the way the season has been going? 

“This season started off with some tough competition, but our team has improved with every game and practice.”

Are there any pre-game rituals you have? 

“I don’t have any major pre-game rituals, but I go through game visualizations as I listen to my go-to playlist.”