Counseling Office Secretary Kathy Nibbelink announces her retirement


ilma Seperovic , Staff Writer

She’s been the face of the counseling office for the past 19 years ready to solve student impulsive choices of which college to attend to or struggles of standardized testing and guide them to the correct counselor for help. She is the savior of the administration office, finding papers and sending out information before the thought to do so even is mentioned. She is the “Superhero.”  She is Kathy Nibbelink. 

“I filled out an application at our administration building while I was employed at Cornerstone College’s Student Development Office because I had a young son at home so was interested in having a job that coincided with his school schedule,” Nibbelink said.

Nibbelink watches people swim into the office almost every day. She is greeted with so many faces of the student body and faculty that relationship is established and names are learned. This simple counseling office has become her home. With all the hard work and time Nibbelink has spent through the years, it’s time for her to leave this special within FHC.

“I’m retiring because it’s time,” said Nibbelink. “My husband and I are ready to travel and spend time with our grandkids.”

Her desk buddy, Mary Stout, has been right next to Nibbelink for quite some time and they have grown a bond together. They spend the entire school day next to each other, laughing, smiling, and working.

“I was always happy to see her,” said Stout. “She could make the entire office laugh until we cried and I’m going to miss her.  She was not only a wonderful colleague, but a great friend. I’m happy for her and the adventures that await her and John, [Kathy’s husband].”

With such a bonded office, the retirement will be felt for not only Stout, but the entire school.

“It was nice to be greeted with a smile everyday walking into the office,” Steve Passinault said, who is the currently serves as the principal of FHC.  “I will miss her quick wit and sense of humor. as she was always very efficient in all aspects of her job, and helped the office run smoothly. We, [the administration], wish Kathy well in her years of retirement and appreciate the many years of service to the staff and students of CHS.”

With Nibbelink’s last year in a place, she hopes to do nothing but enjoy her last few moments and cherish her relationship and door that she had on request for awhile.

“I didn’t have a whole lot of experience in the world outside of [my] home work before coming here, but the limited ones I’ve had pale in comparison with the fun and camaraderie we have in the counseling office,” Nibbelink said. “I’m hoping to leave behind the knowledge that mistakes are not fatal and no matter how horrible a day is, there is always tomorrow.  Cherish your friends and invest in other’s lives.  If you keep your eyes only on yourself, you will be sure to run into something.”